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The Great Firewall of China get stronger every year. Just a few years ago it seemed like on a good day you could access Facebook (though with annoyingly slow connections), and even if you couldn’t you could easily find a free proxy to catch up on the latest back home.

However, China keeps adding to it’s list of blocked sites, and in increasing numbers, expats, travelers, and Chinese people are all looking for new ways to unblock Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Gmail, and other blocked websites in China.

You may have heard of proxies or VPNs.  Proxies and VPNs are similar in that they can protect your information and help you to surf anonymously.  However, proxies are no where near as safe as VPN’s and they are easily blocked. You should be especially those “free” services out there because there are rumors that they are monitored by the government. Either way, most don’t work (some do, like SecuriTales).

It’s best to stick with a VPN if you’re going to stay in China for a long time though.  You’ll be able to access more sites like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, and other music/movie/TV streaming sites from back home.

VPNs were originally used by businesses to allow their employees access to private information without having to be on location. From their mobile devices, they could access information stored on servers back at the office.  In the same way, we can use a VPN tunnel to hide your IP and provide a secret path around The Great Firewall China.

A good VPN company has servers all over the world. The US, Europe, The UK, and even Hong Kong are all popular locations for these “servers” – the middle location where your information will be travelling.  In short, your information is coded, wrapped up (so Big Brother can’t see it), tunnelled, and send off to another location where it is decoded and sent off to the destination where you originally intended it to go.  You then are using the IP address of that server, and Big Brother, The Great Firewall, and even hackers can’t see or crack your information.

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Just as recent as March of 2011, we saw the strengthening of The Great Firewall.  VPN’s are divided into “protocols”, which are different ways of coding and tunnelling you information.  The weakest (and first) called PPTP and it’s younger (and stronger) brother L2TP are protocols used for mobile devices like iPhone and Android. 

*Update 2012 – PPTP and L2TP are available with some services now.  I can’t promise that they’ll work forever, but 12VPN, for example, has custom VPN solutions for mobile phone users in China.

Still, I have my own personal bias, and by far, my favorite VPN is VyprVPN. You can probably tell by the ads and stuff on this site. There are many services, and I rank them (trying to be unbiased) on my Top 5 List. Still, my personal opinion is that Vypr is the best.

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OpenVPN, and SSTP are protocols which can be used on laptops and desktops to tunnel the firewall and unblock sites in China.  These are still active, available for purchase, and a representative at one of the larger VPN companies once told me, “we have yet to hear of a government that can block SSL/OpenVPN protocols”.

“But I just want to unblock email and my Facebook account, I didn’t realize it was that complicated”

If you’re going to be in China for a period of time, a VPN is turning into more than just a luxury.  Within the next year or so, many of our Western communications systems will be completely cut off from the Chinese internet.  Facebook, Youtube, Justin TV, Twitter, Linked In, Pandora, Hulu, Digg, Blogger, and hundreds…thousands of sites are already blocked.  Recently in the news it was announced that Skype and all other VoIP devices like Google Chat will be blocked.  Have you noticed how unreliable Gmail is lately?  Will it be blocked completely?

Ok, so you’re not sold on the idea of paying a monthly service to access these sites. You can live without them. Maybe you want to read up on how China has been spying on Gmail accounts.  Or maybe you want to read about how hackers are jacking passwords and credit card information at wifi spots with the Firefox add-on called Fire Sheep.

Did you know that you’re at risk of getting your Gmail account hacked by Chinese hackers?

Did you know that in the next year it may be impossible to access your Gmail account from China without a VPN or Proxy?

These two VPN services are my top recommendations to unblock all websites in China, of course, including Facebook.


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