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Access Facebook in Vietnam

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access facebook in vietnamLearn How To Access Facebook in Vietnam

It seems that the dust has kind of settled in China recently, and the battle between VPN companies and Chinese Internet censors has come to a standstill for now. You can bet that stuff will continue in the future, but for now, I'd like to help out buds out in Vietnam.

Yes, it seems Internet censorship has hit Vietnam as well. It, for the time being, is nowhere as censored as China, but they're slowly working their way there.  There are many similarity to censorship in China. For example, you can't access Facebook in Vietnam.

Some of the other blocked sites include Youtube, Twitter, blogging sites, Catholic sites, and Anti-communist sites.  With the communist party in power, the seem to be heading the way of China, looking for full control of the Internet.  While in the past, not being able to access Facebook in Vietnam was only for periods deemed "dangerous" or "high-alert", Internet service providers starting at the beginning of this year have been working hard to make it a permanent block.

Also, which it was possible in the past to use different DNS servers to access the site, in recent months it's turned to a full block.  Facebook blocked in Vietnam in the past was achieved by a simple DNS block, or DNS change which means that they just mess up the domain name servers for Facebook.  You used to be able to replace get the right DNS with a few Google tools and free proxies, but again, these are slowly being blocked in China.

unblock facebook vietnamFrom the site I've found on how to access Facebook in Vietnam, I've collected the best three VPN to unblock Facebook in Vietnam.  Check them out – much of the information on prices and usability are the same for China, so you can also check out the site here to compare VPN services.

Again, VPN's are the only real reliable tool to unblock sites anywhere.  Free proxies are always going to get blocked, and unless you're technically skilled at this computer stuff, you're going to have to spend hours trying to figure out what all these blog posts are talking about.  This is a post from 2009 when Facebook was first blocked in Vietnam. Do you have any idea what he's talking about?

"If you have Facebook blocked at work, it could just be a simple cheap DNS block, where the administrator has replaced the DNS entry for facebook.com on your local DNS server.

Unfortunately, changing the DNS server that your local machine uses, may not always be the easiest way around it, as the local DNS server might have entries that are required for local access to intranet etc to work.

Below is a host file modification that will override the modified DNS server, and allow Facebook to work"

I didn't paste the code because

  • 1. It doesn't work now
  • 2. I'm just making a point of how confusing it can be

Normal people need normal solutions. Get the easy fix, and you can be set up to access Facebook in Vietnam in about ten minutes.

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