Free Trial VPNs

free trial vpn facebookThis is a list of Free Trial vpn’s I’ve worked SOOOOO hard to find to get the REAL STORY on.

Ok, so here’s the deal with free trial vpn’s. They’re kind of a pain in the a**. Most of the “free” ness about them involves you to hand over credit card information, which takes the fun out of it being free. Some are more like a money back guarantee. Most legitimate places will give you a free trial, but this is a list I specifically found with free trial vpn’s. Some may require that you email them with a request. The trial period may last anywhere from a few hours to a week or even a month. I’ve been busy updating with all the blocking recently, so I haven’t written up prices and trial periods, but I accessed all of these without a vpn (March 16 2011) so the links should be good.

You can see that three of the best VPN companies also have free trials. Ok, so it takes signing up – so I guess it’s more of a money back guarantee.  All three are for seven days.

Perhaps you were looking for something a bit easier. There are some links I’ve left below that you can also check out, but really, they’re not work your time. What can you really do with ten minutes of a free trial?

Ok, so maybe if you’re at an airport, desperately need to check your Gmail account and don’t want to mess with signing up for a service, then maybe some of those “less than great” trials are what you’re looking for. If you’re really thinking about getting a VPN and just want the security of knowing that you don’t have to pay for it if it sucks, the definitely go with one of these three, because the other ones aren’t worth your time.

Oct 2014
 – I’ve finally updated most of the links on the site, and as of Oct 2014, all the VPNs featured on my site are working.  If you prefer to use a proxy, SecuriTales ( is a great solution. Click HERE to read more about SecuriTales proxy service.

VyprVPN – 3 Days!

ib VPN  2 hours

Privacy Pro – 1 day free trial

HideIP VPN  FREE ACCOUNT (only 25 accounts per month, only PPTP)

Wide VPN  (10 minutes, requires email)

VPN Traffic FREE ACCOUNT (requires Twitter follow, Tweet, and blogpost/review)

Super VPN FREE ACCOUNT (requires Page Rank 1 blog review)

Pure Vpn (no longer available)

Black Logic (no longer available)

It’s Hidden (no longer available)

Packet iX (no longer available)

Banana VPN (no longer available)

Lamnia VPN (no longer available)


**a note to be fair, I don’t update this part often because it’s annoying to keep up with these free trial vpn’s. Sometime’s the free trial is a special offer for a limited time, sometimes it’s a reward for inviting a friend. I’ve been to all the sites and quickly browsed for the free trial VPN info. However, it may take some work on your part to get it started. Good luck!