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I currently work in China I applied for work while I was still out of the county for an English teaching company. There were of course vacancies, as there isn’t just a huge demand for English teachers in one place in China. The whole country is learning. I thought that it was a good idea – learning a new language, getting some life experience, and leaving that boring old life behind.

I only realized after I arrived that YouTube and all the other social sites were blocked in China. It was a strange concept to me, internet censorship – what was the big deal about YouTube and Facebook anyway? Whatever the reasons, I had to look for a proxy for YouTube in China.

I had friends in the new school who had been in China for a while, and they said that people here generally used VPNs and proxies to unblock sites. So I automatically knew that I wanted to get one too.  I only planned to be here for a year or so, and I didn’t want to lose contact with friends and family back home. Even Gmail is blocked sometimes here!  But did I need a VPN or a proxy to unblock sites?

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VPN for YouTube in China

  • Can only use on laptop or desktop (SSL/OpenVPN)
  • One license per computer
  • Encrypting and Tunneling data protection
  • More reliable and secure than proxies
  • Software and applications work with VPN
  • Unblocks Hulu, Netflix and BBC iPlayer


My List of the Top 5 VPN Services for China


Web Based Proxy for YouTube in China

  • No installation
  • One license for multiple devices
  • Does not unblock Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer
  • Works on laptops and phones
  • Cheaper than VPNs
  • Can use at work and school without “footprints”

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As you can see, they’re two very different devices.  For me, I because I usually access YouTube, Facebook, and these sites on my iPhone (as well as at home), the no-installation and more than one device per license features pretty much sealed the deal for me. I know that proxies are less secure in general, but I considered three things

  1. I’m not doing anything illegal or “bad”, so I don’t care if someone tracks my internet activity
  2. Even though they’re less secure than VPNs, they’re still more secure than nothing at all
  3. I’m just browsing the internet and streaming video – no P2P, no torrents, no gaming, and I rarely download large files or run software that’s blocked in China


This has happened to so many people out there and many have not got any solution at all. From my experience, I can say that proxies really work in breaking firewalls created in order to bock certain sites.  If a proxy can do battle with The GFW, I’m sure proxies can beat any work or school firewall too!

The proxy for YouTube in China I still use today (three years later, and still in China) is called Securitales.  There are a couple things that make Securitales a good choice.

  • Professional service
  • Unblocks all sites blocked by The GFW
  • Has proven to be a long-lasting, trusted service
  • It’s cheap ($6 per month)
  • 30 day money back guarantee


If you’ve seen any other proxies services out there, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that they look and work pretty unprofessionally. Lots of web based proxies available in China are just  a single page with a place to put your URL and a big bold sign that says “unblock sites HERE”.

Do you know who runs the proxy? Are there Terms and Conditions? Do they promise not to sell your email or abuse your IP address data.  Will they be around next week? There are a lot of variables. Securitales has been around since 2009 when these sites started getting blocked in China, and even in March 2011 when tons of VPN services started faltering in China, Securitales maintained their service at normal speed.

So why waste time looking for a proxy for YouTube in china when you can get better access, faster connection and with no-stress reliable service by using Securitales.

securitales web based proxyIn other words, go to and get started NOW!

This is the best proxy I have come across so far, and I’ve been in China for what seems like FOREVER.